Xtra Day Discount Explained

Xtra Day Discount is a discount on hired items as from day 2 onwards  

  • The first day is charged at our Standard rate
  • Thereafter, Any extra days are charged at a lower rate
  • The amount of discount depends on the type of machine and the status of the Hire Profile.
  • Please play by the Rules. ->

Rules Of The Game

  • You must have hired 5 times or more from us.
  • Your Hire Profile may not fall into arrears.
  • Regular top-up payments need to be made when keeping tools for longer.
  • No Damages to tools upon return.
  • Tools MUST be returned clean please.
  • Late returns are declined – as we could have hired the machine to somebody else.

The idea is to offer a reward for extended use, but more importantly, for looking after our Equipment and returning it in the same condition as received.
This is so that we can assist the next customer with the same piece of equipment without having to spend money refurbishing the equipment.