Circular Saws

       9″ and 7″    Circular Saws

  • For cutting wood and timber boards in width or length.
  • Compact and lightweight,it can be used for different types of woodwork.
  • This machine can be fitted with ripping blades or  finer cutting blades depending on task at hand.


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Instructions and operating tips:

  •        Always use the correct length lead to ensure it does not burnout.
  •        Select the correct size machine for the job.
  •        7 inch circular saws are designed for cutting  material up to 50 mm eg battons purlines.
  •        9 inch circular saws  are designed for thicker material up to 150 mm.
  •        Always  wear goggles and protective gear.
  •        Never put any load on the machine.
  •        Before  starting ensure blade is free from material being cut.
  •        Never cut through the lead.
  •        Circular  saws can be adjusted to  the depth of a cut and can cut in a 45 degree angle.