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Evaporation (Wikipedia)

On average, only a fraction of the molecules in a liquid have enough heat energy to escape from the liquid. The evaporation will continue until an equilibrium is reached when the evaporation of the liquid is equal to its condensation. In an enclosed environment, a liquid will evaporate until the surrounding air is saturated.
  • You therefore need enough heat to force the water in to a gas state (evaporate) and then you need to remove this evaporate.
  • A space heater will provide heat energy (on a cold day) to to force liquid water into a gaseous state to saturated the air,
    the Dehumidifier removes the evaporate when the air is saturated

We have powerful dehumidifiers ideal for professional use (e.g. museums, archives). The  SeccoProf controls are designed for maximum simplicity of use. Equipped with an adjustable moist meter, and with a defrosting device, they guarantee good results also at low temperatures. It also provides continuous drainage of the condensate. SeccoProf has a very large tank (10 liter) that reduces drainage operations. It has large castor wheels to be moved around easily.Please note: Compressor dehumidifiers are inefficient at low temperatures. Compressor based machines extract less water out of the air the lower the temperature gets therefore these dehumidifiers are not as effective at low temperatures.



Make sure that the machine is always level.Empty the water recovery tank when it is half full for best results. Always keep the machine upright. The room temperature should preferably be above 30 degrees C for maximum efficiency

Usage Instructions
  • Handle with extreme care - avoid bumping or dropping the machine at all costs.
  • Always keep the machine upright. Especially when transporting.
  • Make sure that the machine is always level or it will leak onto the floor.
  • works best  when air temperature is between 20°C and 30°C and in a isolated space
  • Empty the water recovery tank when it is half full for best results (internal tank machines empty automatically via the pipe)
  • WATER TANK MUST BE FITTED PROPERLY FOR MACHINE TO SWITCH ON. Some machines have a built in water tank with a pipe to empty the tank. Be sure to have the pipe in a separate container or in a drain because the machine will automatically pump out the water when the internal tank is full.
  • All objects that contain water must be removed from the area or sealed (fish tanks etc.)