Drill 13mm Impact

This is a very versatile drill which can be used in may applications.

By changing your drill bits you can drill into masonry walls or  brick , metal or wood.

This can prove to be very useful for diy applications like hanging picture frames or fittings.

It has a low vibration feature and has a hammer drill action.

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                                                                   Useful information

Don’t forget to return the handle and the chuck key as these items can be removed.

Never drill and put your weight behind the drill as  you put pressure on the armature slowing the fan down and ultimately burning it out.

Always use the recommended  extension leads.You can hire them from us.













usage Instructions
Allow the drill to work.Just guide the drill where you need to. Do not use long, thin leads. Used For Light Work As Chuck Size Is Only 13 mm.Cannot Be Used For Concrete Drilling. Never Force Or Put Pressure On The Drill As You Can Strip The Gears.