Festool Rail Saw

 Festool circular saw – comes std with 1.4m guide rail

  • It has a slimline housing for maximum flexibility and close proximity to the wall (12 mm)
  • Angle adjustment can be made to a 45 degree angle.
  • Guide wedge for safer work and simple positioning in existing joint
  • It is available with a 1.4 metre track, additional tracks available with Joiner see pricing  below.

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                                                   Useful Information

Always use thick leads recommended by us,they are available for hire.

When starting to cut allow the machine to rest on the track before starting it up.If you start it and miss the track you damage or cut into the track.

We stock the clamps that can be fitted to the track on the underside to prevent the machine from moving away from the marked cut.



Technical  Specifications:


Power consumption                  1200 W
Idle engine speed                       2000-5200 min-1
Saw blade diameter                   160 mm
Inclination                                   0-45 °
Cutting depth                              0-55 mm
Cutting depth at 45 degrees     0-43 mm
Cutting depth at                          45°/90°      0-43/0-55 mm
0-43/0-55 mm
Connection                                   Ø d/e 27/36 mm
Weight                                           4,5 kg


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