Floor Polishers and Scrubbers

  • Always select the correct  type of pad or scrubbing brush  and select   the correct pads  when hiring. We sell these pads separately
  • Use a cleaning agent  and  water to assist when scrubbing floors.
  • This machine will only be hired out  if the operator has been shown what to do at the shop as they  require a bit of knowledge on how to move this machine.
  • We do sell floor wax to buff wooden Floors.

From: R100.00

1st Day Hire Rate
Extra Day
Prices are indicative and subject to change. E&OE Consumables not taken into account, Deposit and transport fees may be required. Please Contact us for an accurate Quote.
  • floor scrubber  is an electrical appliance that is used to clean and maintain non-carpeted floors, such as hardwood, marble, tile or linoleum. It is also known as a floor polisher or burnisher if it is a high speed floor buffer with a pad that rotates at over 1000 RPM.
  • Somewhat resembling a large upright, wide-based vacuum cleaner with handlebarcontrols and requiring two-handed steering, a floor buffer or rotary floor machine as they are sometimes called, use one or more variable-speed circular rotary brushes to dislodge dirt and dust from flat surfaces. They have a large, round scrubbing pad spinning in a circle in one direction which is powered by a small motor, usually directly over the center of the pad.
  • Larger powered floor buffers are used in schoolshospitalsoffices and public buildings. These have wheels and are powered to allow user to easily move and clean items stuck on floors. Scaled-down versions are available for home use and often sold as hard floor cleaner.

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