Generator 2.5kva, 4Kva and 6Kva Auto Voltage Regulation “AVR”

    Can be used on electrical appliances containing PC boards (TV’s, Amplifiers etc)
However we do not guarantee such use not to cause damage.

  • For use on light to medium construction sites where electrical power is needed.
  • Normal household sites without power or power interruption.
  • Can be used for functions,parties and family get togethers.
  • Machine can be used to poer up musical equipment ,childrens rides ,jumping castles  etc.

Prices are indicative and subject to change. E&OE Consumables not taken into account, Deposit and transport fees may be required. Please Contact us for an accurate Quote.

Instructions and operating tips:

  •    This machine   cannot be used   to power up welding equipment  as they draw too many amps and will burn out the alternator windings in the        generator.
  •    Check trip switch on side of generator if provided  if the machine does not supply  power.
  •    Check engine oil every two hours.
  •    When starting advance the pull start to compression stroke before pulling to start or you will break the pull start.
  •    To avoid engine flooding close petrol tap before switching machine off.
  •    Additional charges  raised if recoil is damaged or lost.



      Machine Description/Features:

  •  This 6KVA single Phase generator is fitted with a 6.5L capacity fuel tank.
  • The unit can deliver 6000 watts of peakpower at a rated 230volts /50Hz.
  • The motor is fitted with an oil alert system that will shut down automatically in event of a low oil reading.
  • This power plant is easily started by use of a manual rope starter.




Usage Instructions
  • Always Return All Tools Clean Please.
  • To Avoid Engine Flooding Always Close Petrol Tap When Switching Engine Off. Check Oil Every 2 Hours.
  • Check Trip Switch If The Generator Does Not Deliver Power.
  • No Welders.
  • This Machine Uses Unleaded (Red) Petrol Only.
  • When Starting - Advance The Pull Start To Compression Stroke Before Pulling To Start Or You Will Break The Pull Start. Additional Charge Of R850 Will Be Added To The Invoice
  • Generators Should Be Run In Well-Ventilated Areas.
  • Do Not Overload The Machine Or Increase The Revs On The Machine this alters the Voltage and you will burn out the attached tools