Impact Wrench (Pneumatic)

The pneumatic impact Wrench requires a least 8 bar 0r 110 psi Pressure to work optimally.

It is used in conjunction with a compressor and relies on air to supply the power.

Various sockets are available for hire in different sizes.

It is designed to deliver high torque amounts and making it easy to remove bolts.

Prices are indicative and subject to change. E&OE Consumables not taken into account, Deposit and transport fees may be required. Please Contact us for an accurate Quote.
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Always make sure you use the correct tension as you can strip the threads  or damage the bolt.

Always check on amount of torque required to drive the bolt as you can cross thread it.

if possible set the air power on the compressor to lower the air volume if too much torque is noted.

Always lubricate the machine by adding 2 drops of oil in the airline to prevent rust.