Lawn Scarifier

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Husqvarna DT22 Lawn Scarifier


The machine does not reach INTO the soil, the blades only reach down to just above the top of soil level. The machine removes  the matted dead grass in thick grass.
If you have very thick grass you need to set the machine on its high level and run over the grass once, then rake up the debris, then set the machine to its lowest level and run over the grass again.
Remember this is not a rotovator and it does NOT till the soil or roots, it merely runs over the grass and removes the dead thatch.
After scarifying, you need to fertilize and water.
A week later you then cut the grass with a normal lawnmower (you need to give the lawn time to recover after scarifying before you cut it)

To avoid engine flooding always close petrol tap when switching engine off.
Check oil every 2 hours.
THIS MACHINE USES Unleaded (green )petrol ONLY.
When starting – advance the pull start to compression stroke before pulling to start or you WILL break the pull start.
Additional charge will be  added to the invoice if recoil breaks.
Never allow people unfamiliar with these instructions or children to use the
product. Local regulations can restrict the age of the operator.
Keep in mind that the operator or user is responsible for accidents or hazards
occurring to other people or their property.
Wear ear protection and safety glasses at all times while operating the product.
Always wear substantial footwear and long trousers while operating the
Thoroughly inspect the area where the product is to be used and remove all
stones, sticks, wires, bones and other foreign objects.

Do not lower the machine onto the floor too much !!  ONLY REMOVE 5MM PER PASS.  Damage as a result of over use could cost as much as R1000.00
In many instances the machine appears not to be working simply because there is very little thatch to be removed. 

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The DT22 is a truly robust dethatcher, designed for tough, professional jobs under extended periods. Compact design, powerful engine and the unique option of using it as a sowing machine make the DT22 virtually indispensible for lawn care companies etc. Can be fitted with three different types of cutting equipment, and with a collector as well. Ideal for contractors, rental companies and other professional applications.

The DT22 is also compact. The adjustable handlebar can be set to three levels for different heights of operator, it is foam-padded for comfort and it folds for easy transport or storage. We like the safety feature of the handle-mounted bail having an automatic declutch to stop the blade when released by the operator. Height adjustment has been simplified to a central screw.

This is a simple scarifier. It has got four wheels and it is a push unit. The reel is supported by heavy-duty greasable bearings within a cast iron housing and welded 10-gauge chassis with ball-bearing supported wheels. It’s rugged. This is a good machine for the hire market as well as the contractor.

Flail blade reel

Scarifier flail

Free-swinging flail blades efficiently remove matted thatch/moss with centrifugal force. This design ensures excellent thatch removal and has been proven for more than four decades in the demanding rental equipment business. “It’s very easy to use and control,” confirms Pinion. “All you have to do is use the lever to lower the reel and away you go. It’s light and easy to push. It’s also easy to turn – you don’t have to disconnect the reel. You can spin this one on the back wheels.”