Tilecutter Sigma 600

SIGMA tile cutters are accurate, easy-to-use and lightweight, suitable for cutting all types of commercially available tiles at any desired angle such as glass mosaic, porcelain, ceramics and a variety of marble and granite. Constructed in solid aluminum alloy and steel, they are produced in a wide range of models.

The spring loaded metal table on which the tile rests guarantees perfect support during cutting operations.
The chromed finish of the steel bar guarantees smooth movement of the handle.
Pull this handle across the tile to make the incision with the changeable “VIDIA” scoring wheel.
Break the tile by pressing the feet of the handle near the edge if the tile.

Available Sizes (maximum length of tile to be cut)

420 mm

620 mm


1220 mm

Prices – How to Hire

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                                                         Useful information

Always clean when done to prevent access grout sticking to table.

Use the height adjustment feature if you cannot cut the tile successfully.

Always use a sharp tile cutting wheel.