Torque Wrench – 2 Sizes

  • We have 2 sizes
    • Medium    0 – 210 Nm
    • Large         70 – 330 Nm     (Britool EVT 3000A)
  • The main purpose of the torque wrench is to prevent over tightening of bolts and nuts.

From: R250.00

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  • Always ensure when tool is not in use it is released from its tension.
  • Confirm the amount of torque needed and set correctly.This tool can be used to loosen bolts as well although if it is exceeding its limits ,rather use a different tool.
  • We stock a 220 N.m and 330 N,m  torque wrench.It is constructed of aluminium alloy and has a soft rubber grip handle. Sockets are available for hire as the wrench uses a square drive similar to a ratchet.
  • A  torque wrench is a specialist tool used to apply a certain amount of tension to a bolt or nut.They are used in all manufacturing and automobile industries.
  • They have different size torque settings and is measured in Nm (newton metres). The most common applications of torque wrenches will be to tighten cylinder head nuts, changing your vehicles rims , working on the engine of a vehicle.

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