• Available  in  4  metre  and 3  metre loading  bay capacities.
  • Maximum load 750 kg
  • Single axle and Double axle
  • Trailers can be used to save money by reducing trips, increasing productivity and saving time.

  Prices are indicative and subject to change. E&OE Consumables not taken into account, Deposit and transport fees may be required. Please contact us for an accurate quote.

Terms and Conditions

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When towing a trailor  there is much more weight behind you. Please allow for  a larger distance from the vehicle in front of you for safer stopping options.

Always ensure that you do not exceed weight specifications as this causes drag and can easily become unstable when your speed increases and the authorities will fine you for overloading.

When turning use larger turning circles to allow the trailor to clear the corner or object in the direction of travel.



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Hire Guidelines and things you should Know.
• If we deliver you must phone for collection please - we do not automatically collect. • Machines are not insured, if not returned you will need to pay for the full replacement. • Make sure you know how to use the tools. Ask if you need help, our friendly staff will assist. Also, make sure of safety requirements. • Hires are charged for time out – not time used. Minimum 1 day (1 day = 24 hrs) • Scaffold is charged weekly, all other tools daily. • Tools must be returned Clean please. e.g., if you paint onto a ladder, we charge for cleaning. • Negligent damages get charged separately. • Consumables not used, may be returned for refund. • Only use heavy-duty extension leads, not thin household leads. • If you pay by cash we can refund in cash, if you pay by card we refund onto the card. (we can't refund onto debit cards) Card refunds can take up to 10 days. • Weekend hire starts after 2 pm Friday until 9 am Monday = 1day charge. ( Sundays are free) If you are late on Monday it is for 2 days. • If you keep machines for a long time we can give you a better rate, discuss with your hire controller in store.  

Terms and Conditions

Usage Instructions
Always Return All Tools Clean Please. Take Care Towing A Trailer Isn't That Difficult, But It Does Require A Lot More Care From The Driver. Travel More Slowly . Because Your Vehicle And Trailer Combination Is Now Bigger, Heavier And Longer Than Before It Is Wise To Drive Slower Than Normal – Lower Speeds Will Put Less Stress On You And The Vehicle And You Will Also Save Of Fuel Costs. Keep Left . Keep To The Left Lane So That Faster Traffic Is Not Impeded. Keep a Safe Travel Distance . Keep A Safe Distance Behind The Vehicle In Front – Remember That With A Trailer Behind Your Vehicle Will Require A Far Greater Distance To Slow Down Or Pull Up. Avoid Speeding: Normal Touring Speeds Of 90-100km/Hour May Be Advisable, But High Speeds Should Be Avoided, Not Only For Safety Reasons But Also For Fuel Economy. Overtaking Be Careful When Overtaking – The Overall Length Of Your Vehicle Is Substantially Longer With A Trailer On Behind, And Your Acceleration Will Be Reduced, Especially If Towing A Large Tandem Axled Trailer. 7. Turning If The Overall Width Of The Trailer Is Wider Than The Tow Vehicle Take Special Care When Turning Corners Or Pulling Alongside Kerbs, Shop Verandah Posts, Fuel Bowsers And The Like, As They May Be Missed By The Tow Vehicle But Not The Trailer. 8. Height Of Trailers With High Trailers Keep In Mind Its Height When Passing Under Trees Or Other Overhangs. 9. Keep Your Driving Line Don't Wander, Weave Or Swerve Or You Will Set Up A Sway Motion At Speed. If The Trailer Does Start Swaying And Threatens To Take Control Away From The Towing Vehicle Do Not Apply The Brakes. Gently Apply Power Until Control Is Re-Established. Avoid Sudden Manoeuvres As They May Well Lead To The Loss Of Control. 10. Sliding Be Carefull Of Loose Gravel On Roads. Do Not Approach To Fast. If A “Slide” Be Encountered, Drive Out Gradually, Easing Speed, But Do Not Apply The Brakes. Rough Or Corrugated Roads Should Be Taken At Even Lower Speed. 1 Punctures : Please Repair Before You Return The Trailer.