Rammers 4 Stroke and 2 Stroke Wacker

Wackers  are normally used where high levels of compaction is required.This can be for preparation of roads ,pathways  or even filling up an area that requires concrete to be poured.

Wackers provide impact force unlike  a plate compactor which just settles the ground beneath it.

They use 95 petrol and some uses 2 stroke synthetic fuel mixes.



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Terms and Conditions

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  1.   Compaction  of just all types of soil and in medium and deep layers.
  2.   Can be used in trenches and fine confined areas for  high compaction density.
  3.   Sandy soil is never recommended.
  4.   For use in civil and building industry.
  5.   For preparing subbase for roads to be tarred.


      Instructions  and operating tips
  1.  Thickeness of layers to be compacted should be approximately  300 mm thick.
  2.  Always use the correct fuel recommended and supplied.
  3.  Do not overcompact as the machine will act erratically and bounce out of control.
  4.  Guide the machine where it needs to go,never force operation.
  5.  Check air filters regularly(every two working hours).

Models we stock

    bs   500 wacker 2 stroke
   Subaru  4 stroke Subaru

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Hire Guidelines and things you should Know.
• If we deliver you must phone for collection please - we do not automatically collect. • Machines are not insured, if not returned you will need to pay for the full replacement. • Make sure you know how to use the tools. Ask if you need help, our friendly staff will assist. Also, make sure of safety requirements. • Hires are charged for time out – not time used. Minimum 1 day (1 day = 24 hrs) • Scaffold is charged weekly, all other tools daily. • Tools must be returned Clean please. e.g., if you paint onto a ladder, we charge for cleaning. • Negligent damages get charged separately. • Consumables not used, may be returned for refund. • Only use heavy-duty extension leads, not thin household leads. • If you pay by cash we can refund in cash, if you pay by card we refund onto the card. (we can't refund onto debit cards) Card refunds can take up to 10 days. • Weekend hire starts after 2 pm Friday until 9 am Monday = 1day charge. ( Sundays are free) If you are late on Monday it is for 2 days. • If you keep machines for a long time we can give you a better rate, discuss with your hire controller in store.  

Terms and Conditions

Starting a Two Stroke Machine
  • Switch the stop button "on" and pull the choke all the way out. Place the machine on the ground.
  • Pull the starter cord with your right hand until the engine fires. Now push in the choke without moving the throttle control. 
  • Note! It is very important that you push in the choke after the engine fires the first time, otherwise the engine WILL "flood". 
  • Pull the starter cord until the engine starts.
  • Lift up the machine and press the throttle a few times to get a feel for the way the machine reacts to the throttle.
  • If you suspect you have flooded the machine, then make sure the choke lever is pressed in and continue to pull until it starts. If is does not start after 10-15 pulls you will need to return the machine for us to clean out the flooded chamber.