Wheelbarrow tyre / PermaTube

Puncture resistant Rubber Tyre for sale – Wheelbarrow not included.


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Perma Toob. Permatoob.

Permatube. Perma Tube.

Wheelbarrow tyre.

Any way you spell it, it does the same job.

Perma Toob wheelbarrow tyres

We stock the infamous Perma Toob wheelbarrow Tyre.

There are many designs and immitations, however the tyres we stock are what we use in our hire fleet.They have been tried and tested over the past five years.

You get basically two types of Perma Toobs.

Perma toob inner.

This type fits inside the existing 350 wheelbarrow tyre and basically replaces the Pneumatic inflatable tube.

Perma Toob Complete (what we Stock).
This type replaces both the inner Pneumatic inflatable tube as well as the outer 350 Tyre. The Wheelbarrow rim or hub is bolted over the Complete perma tube and then fitted to your wheelbarrow

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Usage Instruction
  • When using for wet concrete please be sure to clean properly before returning
  • If using for Asphalt be sure not to mess wet tar - it is very difficult for you to cleanPlease do not hit the wheelbarrow with a spade to remove wet concrete - you damage the integrity of the body.