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  • We pre-load your details, but still need ID and Proof of Residence to activate the hire profile, please bring these with the first time you visit.
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  • The Daily Hire Rate on our Price list and an equal amount as Deposit, is payable upfront.  Cash, Card or Eft.
    Please pay deposit amounts in cash, it simplifies the refund process, no EFT or debit card refunds, Credit card refunds are possible but can take up to 10 days due to Bank Processes.
  • Read our Terms and Conditions please. We do not have insurance on the tools. Loss or negligent damage billed separately.  We will cover the cost of normal wear and tear.
  • We can deliver, contact our stores for costing please.
  • The deposit is refunded if the tools are returned on time and clean the next day, unless of course you need the tools for longer.


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