Drill Press

A drill press is a robust and portable drill pivoted on a flat base.It is very useful when drilling holes for fabrication as it can be set in a certain position to allow neat and precise cuts.

A drill press speed can be changed by changing the belts situated in a closed top cover.The belts run off different size pulleys making it easier to set speed.

It has a rotational base and can lock in any position.

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                                               Useful information


Bigger Tables are Better
A large table that moves up and down smoothly on a robust rack and pinion system and locks easily and securely in place is great to have. If you don’t have a large table, a plywood one, with all the bells and whistles, can be made in your shop.

Use the Right Bit
Sharp bits not only cut smoother holes, but also cut through stock quickly. For general drilling, twist, brad- point, and spade bits work well. For holes with super-crisp rims that are accurately sized, use Forstner bits.

Drill in Stages
Keep holes from plugging with wood chips by retracting the bit every 1/2″ or
so of drilling depth. Bits won’t heat up as much, and will maintain a cutting edge longer. You’ll find this especially helpful if your drill press has a 1/2 HP or smaller motor.

Always use the correct size extension leads ,it can be hired from us.