High Pressure Washer Petrol

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  • This  machine   is used for cleaning roofs  and walls where algae  or moss has  penetrated the surfaces.
  • You can clean driveways as well as areas where there is grease that has been spilled.
  • Will remove flaking paint from walls
  • Petrol Driven high pressure washers are high power water washers  and are distinguished by their extraordinarily high Pressure 180 – 200 bar.

Technical  Specification:

  • Operating pressure 180-200 bar
  • Water flow 15 l/min
  • High pressure hose 20 m steel weave
  • 13 Hp petrol Engines
  • Weight 62 kg
  • Dimensions 950 x 650 x 450 mm
Usage Instructions
  • Never let the machine run dry.
  • Turn water on to run through the pump before starting to avoid pump damage (R6500.00)
  • There must always be a constant flow of water through the machine when switched on to avoid the valves overheating.
  • The machines are fitted with rotating porcelain tip nozzles (dirt killer) to increase the efficiency of the cleaning action. However these tips are very susceptible to shock impact - if the nozzle is dropped the tip may crack and need to be replaced at an additional cost to the client.