High Pressure Washer Petrol


  • This  machine   is used for cleaning roofs  and walls where algae  or moss has  penetrated the surfaces.
  • You can clean driveways as well as areas where there is grease that has been spilled.
  • Will remove flaking paint from walls
  • Petrol Driven high pressure washers are high power water washers  and are distinguished by their extraordinarily high Pressure 180 – 200 bar.

From: R390.00

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                                                                        Useful Information

  • Always Return All Tools Clean Please. Don’t Pressure Wash From A Ladder – You’ll Need Both Hands To Control The Wand (When You Turn It On, It Has A Hefty Kickback, Which Can Kick You Off Balance). Instead, Use An Adjustable Extension Wand To Reach High Places.
  • This Machine Uses Unleaded (Green) Petrol Only. To Avoid Engine Flooding Always Close Petrol Tap When Switching Engine Off.
  • Check Oil Levels Before Every Use.Do Wear Proper Eye, Face And Hand Protection When Operating The Equipment And Pressure Washing.
  • Do Attach Nozzles And/Or Accessories Completely Before Starting The Machine.Do Keep Hands And Feet Clear Of The Cleaning Nozzle At All Times.
  • Always make sure the water tap is fully open before starting up so that it does not cut out when you using.
  • Do not use borehole water  as the unfiltered  particles is able to cause permanent damage to the pump. Borehole water must  also supply  pressure at all times enough to power the pump.

Technical  Specification:

  • Operating pressure 180-200 bar
  • Water flow 15 l/min
  • High pressure hose 20 m steel weave
  • 13 Hp petrol Engines
  • Weight 62 kg
  • Dimensions 950 x 650 x 450 mm

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Usage Instructions
  • Never let the machine run dry.
  • Turn water on to run through the pump before starting to avoid pump damage (R6500.00)
  • There must always be a constant flow of water through the machine when switched on to avoid the valves overheating.
  • The machines are fitted with rotating porcelain tip nozzles (dirt killer) to increase the efficiency of the cleaning action. However these tips are very susceptible to shock impact - if the nozzle is dropped the tip may crack and need to be replaced at an additional cost to the client.