Space heater

Machine Applications:

LPG driven Space heaters are specially designed to provide an instant, reliable and efficient source of heat to the industrial, agricultural, commercial and construction sectors. Their main applications include the heating of warehouses, workshops, garages, factories, transport terminals, breeding sheds and greenhouses; they can also be used for drying and curing materials in the building, agricultural and other industries.

They are very effective in drying painted areas and where floods have occurred  they can speedily ease up the drying process.

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Machine Description/Features:

To minimize “Freezing” effect, this heater should be connected to a 48kg Cylinder.
Robust, light weight, compact design.
Efficient combustion, odourless, no fumes.
Variable heat output.
Safety shutdown on gas/flame/fan failure and overheat.
Fresh air ventilation must be provided when in use.

• Functions on propane gas (LPG)

• Heating output manually adjustable on KID 60

and 80

• Wide range of heaters from 49,600–280,400 Btu/h

[14.5–82 kW]

• Ideal for space heating

• 100% thermal efficiency

• Easy to operate

• Safety switch preventing overheating

• Safety valve for shutting off gas supply

• Suitable for outdoor use

• 10 feet hose, regulator and excess flow valve