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Back Pack Spray Sanitizer

Back Pack Spray Sanitizer

  • Applying pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to crops and gardens.
  • Spraying weed killers on lawns and large outdoor areas.
  • Suitable for agricultural, horticultural, and DIY gardening purposes.
  • NEVER   to be used for any  other  material  besides insecticide  (believe it we have had customers try and spray paint)
  • It can be used for awkward areas ,shrubs , little trees  due to its compact design.
  • Do not spray rubberized products through it as it damages nozzle.
Detailed Information in "Prices & More Info" link above.

- Fill the backpack sprayer with the desired liquid, following the manufacturer's instructions.
- Put on the backpack straps and adjust them for a comfortable fit.
- Prime the sprayer by pumping the handle several times until you feel resistance.
- Hold the spray wand at a comfortable height and direct the nozzle towards the target area.
- Squeeze the trigger to start spraying and maintain a steady, even pace.
- For spot treatments, target the area directly, and for broader coverage, use a sweeping motion.
- Refill the tank when it's running low and continue spraying as needed.
- Rinse with water after use.
- Use only for insecticide and not other materials e. G. Paint, roofing materials.
- Use protective clothing and respiratory masks.
- Be careful not to damage the piping or nozzle.
- Do not use in confined spaces as the toxins can cause illnesses.
- If we deliver you must phone for collection please - we do not automatically collect.
- Machines are not insured, if not returned you will need to pay for the full replacement.
- Make sure you know how to use the tools. Ask if you need help, our friendly staff will assist. Also, make sure of safety requirements.
- Hires are charged for time out – not time used. Minimum 1 day (1 day = 24 hrs)
- Scaffold is charged weekly, all other tools daily.
- Tools must be returned Clean please. e.g., if you paint onto a ladder, we charge for cleaning.
- Negligent damages get charged separately.
- Consumables not used, may be returned for refund.
- Only use heavy-duty extension leads, not thin household leads.
- If you pay by cash we can refund in cash, if you pay by card we refund onto the card. (we can't refund onto debit cards) - Card refunds can take up to 10 days.
- Weekend hire starts after 2 pm Friday until 9 am Monday = 1day charge. ( Sundays are free) If you are late on Monday it is for 2 days.
- If you keep machines for a long time we can give you a better rate, discuss with your hire controller in store.
How to Use:
Fill the tank with your desired liquid (water, chemicals, or fertilizers).
Adjust the nozzle for spray pattern (stream, mist, cone).
Pump the handle to build pressure.
Squeeze the trigger for controlled spraying.
Follow safety guidelines for chemicals.
Always wear protective gear.
Avoid spraying in windy conditions.
Keep away from children and pets.
Rinse the tank after each use.
Store chemicals safely in labeled containers.
Regularly inspect and maintain sprayer parts.
Follow local regulations for pesticide use.
How to Clean:
Empty the tank completely.
Rinse with clean water.
Add a mild detergent and water mixture.
Shake and spray to clean the inner components.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
Store with all parts disassembled.

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