Bearing Pullers

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Bearing   Puller:

Various sizes of bearing pullers are available.

1.Pullers are usually constructed along lines that are similar to a pair of scissors. The main sections of tongs are controlled by simple inserts that allow for the hand to easily open and close the mechanism. Small flat points at the end of the tongs make it possible to easily insert the device into a gear box or other gear section containing the individual bearings and easily remove one or more of the small components. At the same time, the pullers can also be used to place fresh bearings back into the mechanism, without the need to completely disassemble the entire apparatus.

2.Larger versions of bearing pullers are made to use in many factories. Since manufacturing plants use equipment that runs with the use of gears, the ability to replace worn bearings quickly and efficiently is important to maintaining production quotas. Industrial sized bearing pullers make this possible with little or no downtime for the production process.

3.Along with working for removing and installing bearings, some newer versions of the bearing puller include a small extraction tool that helps to serve as a guide for the tongs. This addition has made it possible to work with the bearings in significantly less time than required with earlier models.

4.Handheld bearing pullers can be purchased at any hardware store. The sizes range from simple models that work well with small toys and appliances to larger versions that are ideal for work on bicycles and smaller motorized vehicles and household tools. More sophisticated models are available from companies that supply bearings for various types of machinery


Always use the correct size puller for the job.

Make sure the object being removed is free of rust.