Concrete Scarifier

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Concrete Scarifiers & ScabblersConcrete scarifier

Please visit EDCO this site has a wealth of information pertaining to concrete floor preparation.
To scarify means to break up the surface of topsoil or pavement. A scarifier is a type of surface preparation device used for tearing up pavement or surface soil with typical penetration between one to eight inches.
Concrete Floor Grinders are used to repair and restore damaged slabs, remove deteriorated coatings and/or prep surfaces for a new floor system. Turbo Grinders and Scarifiers / planers are more aggressive surface preparation and removal machines that complete the job applications mentioned above as well as repair trip hazards, remove lines & markings or texture your concrete surface. All of this equipment can be used with Concrete Vacuum Systems to control the concrete dust.
Recommendations when hiring.
  • To be used on concrete floors.
  • To be used to roughen up a concrete floor before tiling or rescreading
  • To avoid engine flooding always close petrol tap when switching engine off.
  • Use water to lessen the dust.