Cordless drill / Screwdriver

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18V Cordless Drill / Screwdriver

These are professional screwdriving, drilling and hammer drills united in one tool. Latest Lith-Ion battery technology delivers 50% greater performance. Drills wood, metal, masonry and tiles – an efficient all rounder.

The LT-Class is a reliable companion for trade applications such as interior construction and exhibition construction.
• It is distinguished by its high-power performance, which is unparalleled in this class.
• With its Li-Power Plus battery pack and new motor and gear concept plus the innovative torque clutch system, the LT-Class is fi t for the hardest of jobs encountered in everyday work.
• They are also particularly suited for drilling screws up to a diameter of 8 mm and for drilling holes in wood up to max. 30 mm

Seems like cordless tools are all the rage these days. Cordless saws, cordless drills, and cordless blowers. All these devices are powered by rechargeable battery packs, which means you need to have a charged battery to use them, which means they generally have less power that their corded brethren, which means you will likely need to buy replacement batteries in a few years. What they do bring to the table is convenience. No need for an electrical outlet, no need to worry about cords getting in the way, no need for extension cords or constantly plugging and unplugging as you move around a work site.