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Cordless SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

Sds hammer drills are  designed to drill through hard reinforced concrete.They  are able to outperform any  two speed drill or even a larger amount of holes needed to be drilled.They  have a percussion system making their power unmatched to any other drill.

Outstanding performance with two 18 V Li-Ion batteries in series.


The BHR200 is a universal cordless 24 volt tool ideal for drilling into timber and steel, and hammer drilling into masonry, and screw driving. The large capacity battery pack enables long lasting performance. Chuck & Adaptor  is available for rotary drilling.Seems like cordless tools are all the rage these days as cordless drills, and cordless blowers. All these devices are powered by rechargeable battery packs, which means you need to have a charged battery to use them, which means they generally have less power that their corded brethren, which means you will likely need to buy replacement batteries in a few years. What they do bring to the table is convenience. No need for an electrical outlet, no need to worry about cords getting in the way, no need for extension cords or constantly plugging and unplugging as you move around a work site.

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Outstanding performance with two 18 V Li-Ion batteries in series. It has the following   specifications:

  • – Vibration absorbing handle provides comfortable operation.
  • – Battery capacity warning lamp
  • – Reverse switch operable by one hand.
  • – Versatile 3 Mode Operation – hammering, hammering with rotation, rotation.
  • – Variable Speed, Reversing, SDS Plus Shank, Torque Limiter, Dust Collecting, Built-In Job Light

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                                                          Useful Information

Do not  overcharge the batteries. Use the batteries until their power runs out then recharge.By overcharging batteries  you will eventually kill the cells and they are expensive to replace.They can cost you the price of a new drill.

Do Not Use Ordinary Drill Bits In This Machine ,You Can Damage The Chuck.

Do Not Put Pressure To Drill Holes Use The Correct Settings On Drill.Drill Bits Cannot Drill Into Steel They Will Snap Off.



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