Core Drill


  • For drilling into concrete to  create holes for  pipes for sanitary, heating and air conditioning installations.
  • For water supply and waste water pipes.
  • Openings for cable trays.
  • Installing railings and barriers.
  • How to use video

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                                              useful information

Always use anchor bolts to bolt this machine down,drill holes using  a sds rotary hammer drill and secure.

Always  make sure the core drill is level when drilling horizontally  or vertically  to prevent strain on the core bit itself.

Use water as the water cools the diamond impregnated blade and prolongs blade life.Core bits are charged out at  R150 per mm seperate to

the hire of the core drill.

Do not force feed the drill  as the machine uses its own power to create the core ,forcing it can cause the engine to stall and burnout.

Instructions and operating tips:

  • Exceptionally user-friendly thanks to self-explanatory features and controls.
  • Compact, lightweight unit for extremely easy handling.
  • Easy to transport and set up.
  • 2-speed gearing for optimum speed and torque.
  • More reliable and lower repair costs: the service indicator shows in good time when servicing is due.
  • Always use water supply connections, that are available on machine for continuous supply of water.
  • Always anchor the machine firmly on the ground or on the wall as the machine vibrates under load.
  • Reset switches are on the machine in case of overload on the electric circuit of the machine switch assembly.

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