Cut Off Saw Steel

Used primarily in the steel industry  for cutting metal profiles.

It can be used for cutting square or round tubing depending on the task at hand.

It can be used on ferrous or non ferrous metals and can cut at different angles.

Since their introduction, portable cut-off saws have made many building site jobs easier. With these saws, lightweight steel fabrication previously performed in workshops using stationary power bandsaws or cold saws can be done on-site. Abrasive saws have replaced more expensive and hazardous acetylene torches in many applications, such as cutting rebar. In addition, these saws allow construction workers to cut through steel  and pipe on job sites in a more precise manner than is possible with heavy equipment.

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                                                    useful information

Always use the correct extension leads,they can be hired from us.

When cutting and plunging do not plunge through the base of the machine as you can destroy the machine.

Mark the profiles correctly and align the jig up on its correct angle so as to make accurate and clean cuts.

Use the locking mechanism to change or release blade.

Technical Specifications:

355mm Wheel diameter

25.4mm Hole diameter arbor

115mm Cut @ 90°

90mm Cut @ 45°

1,300rpm No Load Speed

1750 Watt

19Kg Net Weight

2.5m power cable

Models  we  stock:


Steel Cut Off Saw