Drain Rods

Drain rods are a very useful piece of plumbing equipment designed to allow anybody to clear blocked drains and sewers.  They are also a lot cheaper than paying for a specialist to do the task.

A typical set of drain rods usually consist of around a dozen or so rods, which can be attached together to form a rod, long enough to reach the blockage. These rods are very durable and hardwearing, as they are usually made from either steel, sprung steel or polypropylene. Despite being sturdy enough to get the job done, these rods also have a certain degree of flexibility in them. Flexible drain rods are necessary to allow the rods to get round most drain bends.

The drain rod set will also come with two important attachments – a double worn screw and a rubber plunger. The double worn screw is used to break up or retrieve the obstruction, whilst the rubber plunger’s function is to create the necessary pressure required to force out the obstruction.

The first rod should have either of the attachments secured to the end of it, and then the remaining rods are screwed in to each other. Obviously, the amount of rods used will be dependant on the distance of the blockage from the initial access point.

Once the rods are fed through the drain, they can then be pushed back and forth in a steady motion to attempt to dislodge the blockage. Be careful not to do this with too much force, as this can result in broken rods. Whilst pushing the drain rods in and out, it is important to ensure that you keep turning the rods in a clockwise position to prevent them from becoming unscrewed. The last thing you want to do is for rods to get stuck and creating a further blockage.

The great thing about drain rods is that they are relatively cheap to buy. What you pay will be dependant on the length of rod you think you will need, but you will find they are great value for money. Especially when compared to the price a specialist drain-clearing professional would charge you. Plus your rods can be used again and again.


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  • Drain Rod Set / sewer rods
  • For everyday cleaning and unblocking of relatively straight standard sized drain pipes. Comprising 10 x 2m rod sections and 100mm, fittings
  • Manufactured from high tensile spring steel, complete with male and female couplings.
  • Used for final cleaning of pipes after the blockage has been removed and brushing has been corkcompleted. Size: 100mm



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