Engine Hoist

Std 1 ton Lifting Capacity when not extended.


  • This   is a  1.5  ton maximum lift with no extension on the bar
  • It is used  for lifting engines and heavy objects for up to 1.5 tons.
  • 0.5 ton is the lift at maximum extension.
  • The shop crane and engine hoist delivers the lifting ability you need to with the advantage of compact storage. Includes ram, chain and hook




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  • Boom extends from 36-1/4″ to 50-1/4″
  • Crane height adjusts from 82″ to 94″
  • Clevis grab hook with safety latch
  • Double ball bearing swivel caster wheels.

      Instructions and Recommendations 

  • Use the correct tonnage / bar extension for the lift
  • Make sure the object and engine hoist are secure before the lift
  • Do not exceed maximum lifting capacity;if exceeded the pump seals will collapse and render the crane inefficient.
  • Always Return All Tools Clean Please.
  • Secure Hoist With The Wheels Front And Back Provided.Secure
  • Hook With A Heavy Duty Rope And Make Sure There Is No Slack.
  • Any Damages Due To Overweight Damages The Pump And Breaks The Seals.
  • Release Pressure When Done With Pump.
  • Adjust The Boom Position To The Appropriate Position For The Load Being Lifted And Secure With The Nut and Bolt Provided.
  • Using The End Of The Jack Handle, Turn The Release Valve Clockwise Until Tight (Do Not Overtighten).
  • Insert The Jack Handle Into The Pump Receiver And Operate The Pump Until The Desired Height Is Attained.
  • Lowering Using The End Of The Jack Handle, Slowly Turn The Release Valve Counterclockwise Until The Load Begins To Lower.
  • There Is Never Any Reason To Turn The Release Valve More Than 2 Full Turns Counterclockwise.
  • Caution Heavier Loads Will Lower Very Quickly, Use Extra Caution When Turning The Release valve To Lower The Load.
  • Do Not Lift Heavier Objects Than Specified On Lift.
  • Do Not Break Hydraulic Pump ,Charges Are Raised When This Happens.
  • Never Allow An Inexperienced Person To Operate This Equipment.
  • Never Stand Under The Load.

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