Garden Roller – Spiked and Flat

  • Spike rollers are designed to punch holes in the grass.
  • They weigh in at +/- 50 kg  and you can change the weight by just adding water.You can alter the weight thus depending on  the job at hand.
  • It does not hollow tile the lawn – i.e. remove plugs to aerate grass.
  • When the water lies on the grass for some time and does not seep in ,this is when you need to use the spiked garden roller.


Daily Hire Rate
Prices are indicative and subject to change. E&OE Consumables not taken into account, Deposit and transport fees may be required. Please Contact us for an accurate Quote.
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                                                                        useful Information

Always check for animals or children nearby when aerating.

Remove plug on the side of the roller to add water  and replace when done.

Always remove unused water inside drum to prevent rust build up.


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