Laminate edge Trimmer

Laminate trimmers have evolved to the point where they are essentially fully functional miniature routers. Apart from trimming and flushing, they can be used for jointing, rounding edges, chamfering , routing grooves, dovetails, even mortise and tenons. A modern laminate trimmer can perform almost any task that a larger handheld router can do, with the caveat that the smaller machine may be limited in the size of bit that can physically fit within its collet and the base plate. Larger bits, e.g. those that fit a 1/2-inch collet or those with larger blade diameters than the laminate trimmer’s smaller base plate hole, cannot be used at all. The reduced power of a laminate trimmer (3/4 to 1 hp, as opposed to a typical router’s 1-3 hp) may also make it unsuitable for heavy-duty router work.

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  • only to be used for light work
  • not a heavy duty router
  • Use ear plugs
  • Do not join more than one 2.5mm X 20M three core lead on any single power tool.
  • Always use goggles to protect eyes.


  • Quiet and powerful 4.4 AMP motor for improved performance
  • Built-in shock-proof, high output, white L.E.D. light illuminates cutting edge and increases visibility with a bulb that never needs replacing throughout the life of the tool
  • No load speed of 30,000 RPM for ultra-smooth cutting
  • Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load
  • Soft start feature for smooth start-ups
  • Simple and efficient base lock system increases productivity and securely fastens the base
  • Thumb roller for fine cutting depth adjustment
  • Externally accessible brushes for greater serviceability
  • Ergonomic, slim (2-3/8″) body style for comfort and control
  • Tilt base for trimming angled corners and up to vertical surfaces
  • Deep 1-5/8″ cutting when trim routing


  • Collect capacity 6.35
  • No load speed 30000 rpm
  • Base tilt 0-45
  • Net weight 1.6 kg


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