Laser Level (Rotary Laser and Static Laser beam)

A laser level is used for checking levels horizontally or vertically in an area where you need to tile or simply need to get levels right.

It uses an infra red light that rotates on a tripod and can emit a single dot light or a rotation of a solid beam so markings can take place.

They can be used in dark areas (preferred) or in normal daylight hours thanks to the rodding eye which emits a sound indicating the exact position where the level is to be set.

This is an automated level machine but can be operated manually in certain conditions.

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                                                               Useful Information

Use the tripod provided and plum bob to get the best level for the machine to operate.

Do not stare directly into the laser as it can effect your eyesite.

Use industrial extension leads,you can hire if need be.

Always lay the cables provided stretched out to prevent any kinks damaging the  cable.



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