Lawnmower Electric

An electric mower  is mainly used for mowing of lawns .These machines are designed for small gardens at home where regular mowing is needed.

Grass boxes are attached for easy removal of excess grass and debris.They have   low noise levels and can easily be transported due to their folding handles.

extension leads can be hired from us as the correct lead must always be used.

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                                                                       useful Information

  1. Mow away from the cord.
  2. Never abuse the cord or use a frayed cord.
  3. Always turn off the mower when you leave it and unplug the cord directly from the outlet; never unplug by yanking the cord from the wall.
  4. Never use an electric mower when wet or raining.
  5. Be sure to take the right safety precautions before you mow.
  6. Never attempt to lift or repair mower with engine running.
  7. When mowing with a walk-behind mower, wear heavy-duty shoes with non-slip soles and long pants to protect your legs.
  8. Always wear eye protection when operating a mower.
  9. Don’t mow a wet lawn or late in the day when the light is dim.
  10. Never let the starter rope snap back when starting mower.
  11. Always mow up and down an incline with a traditional (i.e. unit with steering wheel) riding mower.
  12. Always mow across an incline with a residential walk-behind mower.
  13. Never adjust mower height, clean grass chute, or remove grass catcher with engine running.
  14. Always stay clear of hot engine. Mufflers can reach up to 648  degrees  celsius.
  15. Cutting the grass too short causes weak, thin grass plants, which are easily damaged by dry periods and pests.
  16. Letting grass grow a bit longer—especially when it is hot and dry—reduces heat build-up, preserves needed moisture and protects the grass from heat damage and other problems.
  17. A good rule of thumb is the one third rule: to cut no more than one third of the grass height, and never more than one inch at a time.

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