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Lawnmower Petrol

Lawnmower Petrol

  1.     For cutting grass to a neat and presentable finish.
  2.     Not for cutting grass that is extremely long as a weedeater would be needed for that reason.
  3.     Can cut grass up to ankle height.
  4.     Used  solely  for the purpose of  mowing  domestic gardens  and  not for large area like football fields or rugby fields.
  5.     We have upgraded our Petrol Lawnmower fleet to new 4 stroke walkbehind lawnmowers to comply with the latest trends in greenhouse gas emissions.
  6.     We no longer stock 2 stroke lawnmowers (Our petrol     machines  use 95 LRP lead replacement fuel which you buy at a filling station) .


      Instruction and Operating  tips:                                                                                 

  •  Always  ensure that there is no debris in the path the lawnmower is cutting in.
  •  This machine cannot cut tall grass as the grass will become entangled in the blade    propeller causing damage to the blade and bolts.
  • Empty grass box regularly and make sure it is returned clean and not damaged.
  •  Only designed for use on  domestic lawns ,you should use ride on lawnmowers for larger areas and fields.
  •  Cannot be used on inclines or sharp drops in landscape as the  engine will starve of oil.
  • Never smoke when filling the petrol tank.
  • Never keep petrol in the house or fill petrol tank indoors.
  • Never store the machine or fuel container where there is an open flame, spark, or pilot light such as near a water heater or other appliances.
  • Never fill containers inside a vehicle or on a truck bed with a plastic bed liner. Always place containers on the ground away from your vehicle before filling.
  • Wipe up petrol spills immediately and do not attempt to start the engine but move the machine away from the area of spillage and avoid creating any source of ignition until fuel vapors have dissipated.
  • Never over-fill the fuel tank. Replace fuel cap and tighten securely.
  • Never remove the fuel cap or add fuel with the engine running. Allow the engine to cool, before refueling.
  • Be sure to completely read the safety information contained in the operator’s manual.
  • Never tamper with safety devices. Check their proper operation regularly.
  • Tragic accidents can occur with children.
  • Do not allow children anywhere near the area of operation.
  • Children are often attracted to the unit and mowing activity.
  • Never assume that children will remain where you last saw them.
  • If there is a risk that children may enter the area where you are mowing, have another responsible adult watch them.
  • The blades on mowers spin very fast and can pick up and throw debris that could seriously injure a bystander.
  • Be sure to clean up the area to be mowed before you start mowing.
  • Do not operate a lawnmower with the discharge guard (reflector) or engine grass catcher installed.
  • The Mower Deck has spinning mowers blades that can amputate hands and feet.
  • Do not allow anyone near the mower while it is running.
  • Always allow the mower blade(s) to stop completely before leaving the mower’s operator position.
  • Always turn off mower when crossing a sidewalk or a driveway.

Models we stock: Tandem
Always return all tools clean please. To start :open fuel tap - move throttle to "run" position - pull starter leave. To stop : move throttle to "stop" position - close fuel tap. Only use the petrol we specify. Please return the machine clean. If the grass is longer than ankle height - cut in multiple stages - do not force the machine this machine may not be operated on a gradient exceeding 30 degrees slope - you will damage the motor as the oil runs to the side of the engine. Do not cut on uneven terrain or place too much strain on the blade as this will cause the blade coupling to become loose and may result in damage to the machine
- If we deliver you must phone for collection please - we do not automatically collect.
- Machines are not insured, if not returned you will need to pay for the full replacement.
- Make sure you know how to use the tools. Ask if you need help, our friendly staff will assist. Also, make sure of safety requirements.
- Hires are charged for time out – not time used. Minimum 1 day (1 day = 24 hrs)
- Scaffold is charged weekly, all other tools daily.
- Tools must be returned Clean please. e.g., if you paint onto a ladder, we charge for cleaning.
- Negligent damages get charged separately.
- Consumables not used, may be returned for refund.
- Only use heavy-duty extension leads, not thin household leads.
- If you pay by cash we can refund in cash, if you pay by card we refund onto the card. (we can't refund onto debit cards) - Card refunds can take up to 10 days.
- Weekend hire starts after 2 pm Friday until 9 am Monday = 1day charge. ( Sundays are free) If you are late on Monday it is for 2 days.
- If you keep machines for a long time we can give you a better rate, discuss with your hire controller in store.

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