Magnetic Base Drill

A magnetic base drill is a drill which uses a magnet in it’s ability to drill a hole.

They are mainly used when drilling through eye beams or truck chassis or any metal that is thick.

Before drilling you can switch the magnet on and the drill becomes embedded on the metal beam and is protected with a chain.

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Read these instructions carefully before operating


  • Careless or improper use of this equipment may result in serious or fatal injury.
  • Always wear eye, head and ear protection equipment, when using this tool.
  • Always wear heavy clothing, boots and gloves. Do not wear loose clothing, short pants, sandals etc. and ensure that long hair is tied up above shoulder length.
  • Do not operate this equipment when tired, ill or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.
  • Never allow an inexperienced person operate this equipment.
  • Never operate the equipment in damp, or water logged area.
  • Keep all carrying handles and levers free from oil.

Tool Safety

  • Inspect the entire piece of equipment before use.
  • Replace damaged components, lubricate where necessary and ensure that all fasteners are secure.
  • Always use a safety chain to secure the equipment when it is being used above the ground.
  • Use only accessories that have been recommended by the manufacturer. Failure to do so could result in damage to the tool and may invalidate the warranty.
  • Never modify the tooling in any way. Do not use your equipment for any job other than for which it is intended.

 Operating Instructions.

  • Ensure that the unit is disconnected from the power before working on the machine.
  • Mark the centre of the required hole.
  • Position the Machine.
  • Ensure that the work piece is clean and flat. Position the machine by aligning the pilot with the holes centre mark.
  • Fit the safety chain.
  • Connect the machine to the power source.
  • Switch on the power
  • Energize the magnet.
  • Apply Coolant
  • Using cutting oil can increase the tool life and ensures that the slug is ejected cleanly.
  • Start Cutting
  • Increase pressure until motor is loaded then maintain steady pressure until cut is complete.
  • Finish Cutting
  •  NOTE: –  Applying too much pressure will not speed the cut, it will reduce the life of the tool and may cause damage to the motor.
  • If swarf becomes blue in colour then more cutting oil is required.
  • If the power is interrupted during the cut, the magnet must be reset before the motor will restart.

We have the following Size Core Bores to purchase for use with this tool.

14 x 30 mm

18 x 30 mm

22 x 30 mm

30 x 55 mm

32 x 30 mm


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