Pipe Threading Machine

Pipe threading machines are used to create the thread design on the end of a section of a pipe. Along with carving a thread the machine can also cut the pipe into workable sections.

It has an on board cutting wheel  to cut steel pipe for your convenience.

It is used in the steel industry ,plumbing  and mining trade.





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Use the correct extension leads . You can hire from us if you do not have the correct thickness and length available.

Always return clean. Clean all the metal filings and all debris from the sump that the oil is housed in.


  • Technical information
  • Rotation Speed: 25 RPM
    Weight: 85 Kg
    Dimensions: 765 (L) X 475 (W) X 400 (H)
  • • Threading capacity of ½” – 3”
    • Reaming Cone.
    • On board cutting wheel• ½” – ¾” Dies
    • 1” – 2” Dies
    • 21/2” – 3” Dies