Planer Electric

A  planer is a woodcutting tool designed to shape and cut wood.They commonly  used to trim doors that have swelled up due to adverse weather conditions.

Planers can also be used for taking off  wood a millimetre at a time off strips off wood or work pieces to allow them to fit into existing work pieces.

Our planers have a soft start function and can be adjusted to 3 mm maximum depth .We however advise you to take off 1 millimetre at a time.



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When  planing  always make sure your work piece is clear of nails or any  other debris.If you hit  any  object and it surpasses the bottom of the machine it can break off the blades.The blades  are 82 mm tungsten tipped to provide a clean cut.

Always make use  of extension leads that are not joined , properly insulated  and is the correct length and thickness.

Planers  can be fitted  with  vacuum cleaners to allow for dust free working in environments that cannot handle dust.

When using a planer keep a steady stance on the side so you do not lose control of the machine.