Porta Power

  • We stock a 10 Ton max hydraulic machine capable of straightening body panels due to rear end collisions and any body panel excepting chassis work to be completed.It uses hydraulic power and comes with a spreader ram ,extension tube, plunger toe,hydraulic pump ,flat base ,wedge head,flex head and serrated saddle.
  • Not for use on chassis as the metal frame is too tough for the unit to pump resulting in damaged pump seals.
  • This unit can be used in  tight fitting spaces or angles.

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If you over pressurize you  will pop the seals.This happens when you are pumping material or body panels (eg  chassis ) panels that require more hydraulic power than you are hiring.10 tons is the absolute limit ,make sure you are aware of the limits you can exceed.

Do not exceed the maximum capacity of the pump or tamper with the internal high- pressure relief valve.

It comes with various fittings ,always ensure you return all fittings when done in the carry case provided.



Usage Instructions
Never attempt to pump more than what the pump can handle. It is not designed for chassis work. This machine is able  to pump the panels of a vehicle as the chassis is much harder to pump and can result in the hydraulic pump being damaged in the process. This is for your account.