• Scaffolding  is an inexpensive way of completing a task. You can hire for a period of a week and get most of your tasks done.You can use scaffolding to paint  ,build  or plaster or even do  repairs to a building structure.It can be manufactured from different materials ,mild steel  ,aliminium  or even bamboo  (particular in China).
  • We stock the following items.
  • Quick Lock Frames
  • Steel Boards
  • Base Jacks
  • Castor wheels (lockable)
  • Trestles
  • Timber Boards
  • Ceiling trestles
  • Plan braces
  • Tie bars
  • Stay  units  and swivel couplers.

All scaffolding is charged out on a weekly rate.
If used for 1 day only you get at less 50%
If used for 2 days only you get at less 25%
3-7 Days = standard Weekly rate (including weekends)


Prices are indicative and subject to change. E&OE Consumables not taken into account, Deposit and transport fees may be required. Please Contact us for an accurate Quote.

We stock the following  quick lock stage frames

All frames are 1 metre in height and every 2 frames used will equate to 1 metre height.

  • 900 mm        Max Height 4m
  • 1500 mm      Max Height 5m
  • 2104 mm      Max Height 7m
  •                                                   3048 mm     max Height  9m


  • Steel clip on Boards

For use with quick stage scaffolding

  • 900 mm          4  Boards to cover Platform
  • 1500 mm        6  Boards to cover Platform
  • 2104 mm        9  Boards to cover Platform
  • 3028 mm       12 Boards to cover Platform



Scaffold Timber Board hireTimber Boards 228 mm x 50 mm SA Pine

1, 2, 3 and 4 meter lengths

Can be used with trestles ,ceiling trestles as well as quick stage scaffolding.





Base Jacks

Base jacks can be used to stablize or get your levels of the scaffold correct.It also acts as a base when you need to use it on grass or soft soil surfaces.






Trestles hire


  • Light weight for painting and the maximum height reach  is 2.5m .Lowest  height is  1.8m.
  • Heavy duty for Brick laying,these trestles can  take the weight  of personel , bricks and mortar .
  • Used  with boards available  in 1 metre , 2 metre ,3 metre and 4 metre lengths.




Scaffold Swivel Clamp hireSwivel Clamps

Swivel clamps  are used in conjunction with scaffold tubes.They are used on the sides of scaffold towers diagonally across  and provides stability .Scaffold tubes are available in 6 metre lenghts.






Scaffold Tie Bar HireTie Braces

Cross Braces

Tie bars and plan or cross braces are used for stability and to prevent swaying of towers.It also brings the scaffold tower to become perfectly square.It is available in the following sizes.

Tie bars   , 900  ,  1.5metres    . 2 metres ,  3 metres.

Plan braces     900x 1.5metres  , 1.5m  x  1.5 m  ,2mx2m , 2m x 1.5   , 1.5x 3 metres





Scaffold Knee Brace HireKnee Brace






Please be sure to Clean any Cement off the scaffolding whilst it is wet and easy to remove.

Never use a hammer when diserecting scaffold as it can damage the tubular frame weakening it.

If the scaffolding is heavily painted over there is a cleaning fee upon return.Please use your staff to maintain and clean whilst in your possession.


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