Silky Saw

Silky saws are designed to prune and cut branches out of reach.They are made of authentic rolled out Japanese steel and is laser cut.

The blades are made of hardened steel but remain flexible and soft  and is resistant to rust due to weather changes.It has a high wear resistance.

It has a telescopic reach of  3 metres.

Mainly used by arbortrists after winter to cut and allow new vegetation to grow.

Very useful for hard to reach places.

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                                                            Useful  Information:

These saws are for light work  ,they not designed to cut large or very thick material.

Always Return All Tools Clean Please. Do Not Cut On The Forward Or Push Stroke.Do Not Push Hard. If The Branch Moves During Cutting, The Blade May Flex And Bend Or Break.Do Not Press Down Hard. Heavy Pressure Is Not Necessary And The Teeth Will Only Jam In The Wood Fibre  And May Break.

Remember Correct Pruning Techniques Are Important. With Larger Branches, Always Undercut First. If Your Saw Ever Does Become Caught In A Branch Squeeze, Always Take The Weight Off The Blade To Free The Saw. Never Wrench The Handle From Side To Side Hoping To Release The Blade. It May Break!

Let The Saw Do The Work.


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