Thicknesser Planer / Surface Planer

MAKITA 2012 NB – 304 mm Planer

  • Please note the planer blades cost over R600 a set so it is very important to work within the usage instructions below.
  • cutting depth 0.5 mm
  • cutting width 304 mm
  • feed rate per minute 8.5 m
  • make sure there are no nails in your timber.

From: R550.00

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Please note the planer blades cost over R600 a set so it is very important to work within the usage instructions below.
Most critical is that you make sure there are no nails in the timber as damage to the blades will be costed to the invoice.

Always use industrial ,thick extension leads available to hire from us.

Always plane a 0.5 mm stock at a time as placing too much pressure on the rollers can heat up the belts and disintegrate.

Soft timber is allowed on this machine ,hard woods are tougher and cannot be used on the machine.


A thickness planer consists of three elements: a cutter head which contains the cutting knives; a set of in feed and out feed rollers which draw the board through the machine; and a table which is adjustable relative to the cutter head to control the resultant thickness of the board. Some portable thickness planers differ slightly in that the table is fixed and it is the cutter head/feed roller assembly which is adjusted.
Industrial thickness planers are capable of accepting very wide boards and removing large amounts of material in a single pass. These machines are driven by powerful induction motors and are of very heavy construction. In recent times, a range of light-weight portable thickness planers have become available which use universal motors and are much cheaper than the industrial versions.

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Usage Instructions
Recommendations when hiring.
  • Only to be used for light work
  • It is advised NOT to plane very hard woods - such as balau. The machines drive belt can unfortunately not take the strain.
  • Use ear plugs
  • Do not join more than one 2.5mm X 20M three core lead on any single power tool.
  • Always use goggles to protect eyes.
  • This machine is for wood only.
  • May not be used to remove paints from timber
  • May definitely not be used to remove bitumen tar from flooring blocks as this clogs the rubber feed rollers on the machine.
  • The heat generated in the planning process melts the tar and clogs the entire mechanism of the machine.
  • A hefty damages fine will be added to the bill if to cause any damage to the machine.
  • make sure that there are no nails in planks,can not go through steel.
  • maximum width 304mm.