Trench Compactor

Trench compactors or round compactors are designed to work within a trench where plate compactors cannot work due to space restrictions.

They provide the same impact force as a plate compactor and is powered by the same engine.

They are designed to work in soft sand and not hard substrates as this causes the machine to compact eratically.

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   Trench Compactor


  • When starting – advance the pull start to compression stroke before pulling to start or you will break the pull start which will cost you and additional R850.00
  • To avoid engine flooding always close petrol tap when switching engine off.
  • Check oil every 2 hours.

When you’re looking to build your own patio, an absolutely necessary piece of equipment is always going to be a plate compactor.  These are handy devices for compacting dirt and soil into a very firm and even surface that’s suitable for building.  They are necessary if you want to establish a patio or small driveway on any surface on your property.  A vibrating plate compactor is something you’ll need to use if you want the job done correctly, and in a way that you can guarantee will last a lifetime.  Otherwise you run the risk of your patio slowly degrading over time, to a point where you’ll have to tear apart the structure to start again.

But before you should consider using a plate compactor, you’ll want to prepare the area.  This means measuring out the entire zone that you want your small driveway or patio to encompass.  You’ll want to accurately chart out the area, and it can be helpful to use twine attached to small stakes to map out the zone visually.  Then you’ll need to remove all of the sod from the ground, as you don’t want grass and weeds growing underneath your patio or driveway.  This is an important step, and you won’t be ready to use a plate compactor until you’ve completed this task.

After that, you’ll have raw dirt and soil exposed, and then you’re ready to use a plate compactor.  These devices work by using a large metal plate, and then repeatedly banging it into the ground until the area is perfectly hard and flat.  You’ll want to use the plate compactor over the entire surface area that you’ve marked out, until the ground is as hard and flat as you can get it.  This way you can ensure you have the proper foundation for your structure to succeed.  Otherwise there are all sorts of pitfalls that can befall your new patio or driveway, and they can be very costly to correct.

An improper foundation means that the structure will slowly sink, or be set up at an incorrect angle. This can lead to structural damage over time, and slowly the concrete or asphalt that you use for the base will begin to crack apart. Once this type of structural damage has started, it’s almost impossible to repair without tearing down what you have and starting over. That can be a huge hassle, but what’s more it can be very costly. So make sure you always use a plate compactor before any job, so you can guarantee you get it right the first time


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