Vacuum Cleaner

  • A  vacuum cleaner is used to suck dry dirt from floors  or can be used with an electric power tool up to 2000W.
  •  Lightweight and versatile all-purpose wet & dry cleaner.
  • Comes with flexible hose, extension tubes and brush for floors
  • optional brushes: corner nozzle, crevice nozzle, brushes for liquids.
  • Filter may be removed to allow water to be sucked on some models.

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                                                           Useful information

  • Always remove air filter when  using for wet applications.If not the engine will absorb the water and cause an electrical malfunction.
  • They are not designed for attics as the fine dust passes the filter and enters rotors of vacuum pulling debris directly to the engine.
  • Use the correct extension leads ,2.5 mm core thickness which we hire seperately.
  • Clean the filters on a regular basis if used for prolonged periods.
  • Please empty drum before returning,cleaning fee for excessive waste being returned.

technical specifications

Continuous rating input
Max. peak air flow
Max. sealed suction
Max. power tool wattage
Recoverable capacity
Dust:35L Water:17L
Net weight



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Usage Instructions
  • A Vacuum Cleaner Must Be Cleaned Regularly To Work Efficiently.
  • Open and clean every 15 minutes.
  • If the Vacuum is used as a fine dust extractor i.e. with a Wall chaser then it will need to be cleaned more frequently.
  • If Dust Comes Out The Side It Means The Filter Bag Is Impregnated With Dust And Needs To Be Cleaned.
  • All 5 Pieces/Fittings Must Be Returned In Perfect Condition To Avoid Being Charged.
  • Always Return All Tools Clean Please.