Weedeater Petrol

  • For powerful professional clearing of tough grass and clearing vegetation.
  • Can be used  where lawnmowers cannot reach.
  • Can be used when grass is longer than ankle height or very rough bushy areas and  is required to  necessitate a  clean up  process.
  • Weedeaters or brushcutters  can also be fitted with  a blade and can be used to cut reeds or stronger brush.

Critical Information for our 2 Stroke Machines


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                                                                       useful Information

Always  use 2 stroke synthetic fuel,using any other fuel results in engine damage for your account.

When operating use  at full speed do not rev it constantly  as you will wear  the clutch out.

Wear a helmet or protective goggles as flying debris can cause an injury to you or others.

Check where you are cutting as to prevent damage to the head and also watch out for any people or animals.



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